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Anti Slip Decking - Wood Deck System...

Richco Anti Slip Wood Deck is a decorative Anti Slip decking system specifically designed for application onto wooden decking surfaces. It can be applied onto a wide range of wooden surfacing including decking areas, bridges, walkways and ramps etc. It provides an attractive, hardwearing, low maintenance, anti-slip surface, whilst preserving the appearance of wooden decking.

Richco Anti Slip Wood Decking uses a high strength resin system specially formulated for the application onto wooden decking substrates. It is applied onto a fully prepared, primed surface by brush or roller and the desired aggregates are cast upon the surface. Once cured the loose aggregates are then swept clean to provide a decorative anti-slip surface.

Richco recommends the application of Richco seal-coat upon the wooden deck system. Richco seal-coat enhances the wooden deck system, making it UV stable, hard wearing, totally bound and increases the life expectancy of the system.

Download Wood Deck Colour Range Here.

Anti Slip Decking - Wood Deck System Anti Slip Decking - Wood Deck System
Features: Ideal Usage:
• Decorative / Aesthetically pleasing • Timber Walkways
• Hardwearing & Durable •Timber Bridges
• Pedestrian Use • Pontoons
• Low Maintenance • Decking Areas
• Anti-Slip • Bridal Ways
• Fast Curing • Docking Areas
• Range of Natural Aggregates