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Traction System...

Richco Traction Systems are anti-slip surfaces specifically designed for use on theme park track rides to give positive grip to the track whilst the ride is in motion.

Richco Traction Systems use high strength polyurethane resins, combined with specific sized aggregates depending on the level of traction required. The anti-slip surface is applied directly onto the prepared metal track of roller coasters or track rides.

Richco Traction Systems provide a practical solution to a “behind the scenes” problem associated with wheels slipping and lack of traction on certain theme park rides, particularly when the track is wet.

Richco Traction Systems provide an extremely hardwearing, long lasting solution, therefore keeping the rides operational for longer and reducing down time.

Traction System Traction System
Features: Ideal Usage:
• Provides Good Traction • Roller Coasters
• Hardwearing • Track Rides
• Long Lasting System  
• Low Maintenance  
• Anti-Slip  
• Range of Colours to match existing track  
• Lightweight (as little as 1-3 mm thick)