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Rubber Top Tree Pit System...

Richco Rubber Top Tree Pit System is a seamless, granulated rubber surface which is bound by a polyurethane resin. It is ideal for application in Tree Pits.

Richco Rubber Top Tree Pit System consists of two layers: a base layer of coarse black granules made from recycled tyre rubber, and a coloured top layer of much finer rubber granules. This creates a solid but flexible, porous, seamless rubber surface.

Richco Rubber Top Tree Pit System is mixed in a forced action mixer and then trowel or roller applied onto the prepared substrate.

The continuous surface is immensely strong and durable. This system allows the ingress of water through the tree pit system to enable the tree to thrive without hindering its growth.

Download Rubber Top Tree Pit Colour Range Here.

rubber top tree pit