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Epoxy Floor Repair Mortar...

Richco Epoxy Floor Repair Mortar is an easy to use epoxy resin floor repair mortar with exceptional adhesive properties.

Richco Epoxy Repair Mortar is designed for general application as a concrete repair compound, especially for filling in wide cracks and holes in concrete floors, broken steps, walls and other concrete surfaces to provide a rapid repair to heavy industrial areas.

Richco Epoxy Repair Mortar is a slightly textured mortar and is applied to the prepared area by trowel or steel float and is highly resistant to damage by abrasion, chemicals, water or oil.

Epoxy Floor Repair Mortar Epoxy Floor Repair Mortar
Features: Ideal Usage:
• Extremely Hardwearing • Patch Repairing
• Excellent Resistance to Abrasion & Impact • Worn Floors
• Good Chemical Resistant • Damaged Steps
• Cures Rapidly • Concrete Repairs
• Bonds to Concrete, Steel, Wood or Stone • Kerbing
• Concrete-like Appearance • Expansion Joints
• Dust-free and Permanent •Inclines