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Playground Surfacing...

Richco provides a range of safe playground surfacing ideal for the use under childrens swing sets, slides, play equipment. It is also ideal for pool surrounds and sports surfacing.

Children can still from time to time accidentally fall from even the safest play equipment and the purpose of Richco playground surfacing is to provide a safer surface to absorb the impact of a child’s fall and reduce the severity of an injury.

Our playground surfacing range consists of two systems; these are Richco Rubber Top and Richco Rubberised Bark.

Richco Rubber Top Playground surfacing is a seamless, granulated rubber flooring surface that is ideal for application in childrens playground surfacing areas, swimming pool surrounds and also for sports surfacing. The continuous Rubber Top Playground surface is immensely strong and durable, yet soft enough to absorb the impact from a fall, thereby minimising the risk of injury to small children when this system is applied beneath play equipment etc.

Richco Rubberised Bark Playground surfacing is bound by a polyurethane resin and is ideal for application in childrens playground areas. Richco Rubberised Bark System is mixed and laid onsite as a wet pour product. The finished surface provides a seamless and flexible system whilst providing a natural looking finish. Richco Rubberised Bark System is also ideal for the application around tree pits as this particular system is flexible and can therefore tolerate the movement brought about by the trees growth.

For further information on our playground surfacing range, please contact us.