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Liquid Vinyl (with Flake)...

Richco Liquid Vinyl is a self levelling resin system which provides excellent resistance to abrasion, chemical attack and other physical aggression. Richco Liquid Vinyl can incorporate a coloured flake to provide a seamless, decorative anti-slip finish.

Richco Liquid Vinyl is suitable for use where a hardwearing seamless finish is required. It is widely used in commercial canteen areas, kitchens, shop floors, Industrial warehouses etc. Richco Liquid Vinyl can be used to replenish various floor finishes, such as terrazzo, concrete etc.

Richco Liquid Vinyl is available in range of colours. The main advantages of Richco Liquid Vinyl against traditional vinyl system is that it adheres directly to the sub-base, there are no joins that can fail as it is a seamless finish and it can easily be over-coated in years to come or when re-theming.

Download Liquid Vinyl Data Sheet Here.

Download Liquid Vinyl Colour Range Here.

liquid vinyl liquid vinyl
Features: Ideal Usage:
• Seamless Finish •Warehouses / Factory Floors
• Hygienic • Storage Areas
• Solvent Free • Canteen / Kitchen Areas
• Available in a Range of Colours • Hospitals
• Hardwearing • Kennels
• Chemical Resistant • Car Showrooms
• Easy to Clean • General Floors