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Fibreglass System...

Richco Fibreglass System has been developed to create a tanking system for a variety of pool or pond structures, such as animal enclosures, paddling pools, ride toughs and waterslides.

Richco Fibreglass System incorporates chop-strand matting and coatings to produce an extremely hardwearing, polished finish which provides an easy-to-clean surface.

Richco can provide a fully-inclusive service, from the initial design to the installation of any paddling pool or animal enclosure, which can also include all drainage and filter requirements. This system is available in a range of colours and can incorporate patterns or designs to the clients personal specifications.

Fibreglass System Fibreglass System
Our Fibreglass Service Includes:
• Animal Pool Enclosures
• Paddling Pools
• Swimming Pools
• Troughs
• Waterslides
• Flumes
• Ponds