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Epoxy Floor Coating - High Build...

Richco Epoxy Floor coating - High Build offers an extensive range of solvent free floor coatings, for the application onto concrete or grano surfaces.

Richco Epoxy floor coating range offers different grades of coating thickness (between 100-500 microns) depending on the durability required. Richco Epoxy Floor coating - High Build are applied by brush or roller onto a prepared non-porous surface. Porous surfaces firstly should be primed with Richco E-Coat primer.

Richco Epoxy Floor coating - High Build range offers excellent long-term wear, are chemical resistant and provide a smooth gloss surface finish in a range of colours ideal for the use in industrial and commercial flooring areas.

Richco Epoxy Floor coating - High Build can be used in areas where solvent-based products may taint or give off unacceptable odours.

Download Epoxy Floor Coating Colour Range Here.

Download Epoxy Floor Coating Data Sheet Here.

Epoxy Floor Coating Epoxy Floor Coating
Features: Ideal Usage:
• Chemical Resistant • Themed Areas
• Good Abrasion Resistance • Retail Outlets
• Available in a Range of Colours • Stadiums
• Hardwearing • Canteens
• Seamless Finish • Kitchen Floors
• Hygienic • General Floors
• Fast Curing