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Flake Flooring Finish...

Richco Flake Flooring is a decorative solvent free epoxy floor coating for application onto concrete or grano surfaces. Richco Flake Flooring is available in a range of base colours with a choice of flake colours, to give a contrasting, decorative, anti-slip finish.

Richco E-Coat coatings are applied by brush or roller onto a prepared non-porous surface. Porous surfaces should firstly be primed to seal the underlying substrate. Richco Flake Flooring offers an excellent decorative anti-slip finish with the advantage of high wear and chemical resistant properties.

Richco Flake Flooring is ideal for application in showrooms, industrial warehouses, toilets, commercial food preparation areas etc, where a chemical resistant, aesthetically pleasing, anti-slip surface is required.

Download Flake Flooring Colour Range Here.

Richco Flake Flooring Richco Flake Flooring
Features: Ideal Usage:
• Hardwearing & Durable • Night-Clubs
• Decorative / Aesthetically pleasing • Retail Outlets
• Chemical Resistant • Themed Bars
• Heavy Duty Coating • Arcade Areas
• Low Maintenance • Stadiums
• Good Abrasion Resistance  
• A Range of Base colours and Flakes Available