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Crushed Glass System...

Richco Bonded Crushed Glass is a resin bound crushed glass system, which is ideal for the use in tree pits or decorative landscaped areas.

Richco Bonded Crushed Glass uses a high strength clear resin binder which is mixed in a forced action mixer and trowel applied onto the prepared surface. Richco Bonded Crushed Glass can be applied in landscaped areas to provide an attractive, hardwearing, low maintenance surface.

Richco Bonded Crushed Glass can also be applied onto a permeable base course to form an attractive Tree Pit. The completed system allows the ingress of water through the Tree Pit System, enabling the tree to thrive without hindering its growth.

Download Bonded Crushed Glass Colour Range Here.

Crushed Glass System crushed glass
Features: Ideal Usage:
• Decorative / Aesthetically pleasing • Tree Pit Areas
• Hardwearing & Durable • Landscaped Areas
• Low Maintenance  
• Permeable  
• Fast Curing