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Imprinted Concrete...

Richco Imprinted Concrete is a highly innovative method of imprinting the surface of freshly laid concrete, screed or screed mortar to give the look of stone, cobbles, brick or slate.

Richco Imprinted Concrete can also incorporate animal footprints, imprinted leaves or patterns, which is ideal for installation in animal habitats or themed areas.

Richco Imprinted Concrete can be installed to a depth of 15mm using Richco Epoxy Mortars (unlike traditional systems which are laid to a depth of 70-150mm), making this product ideal for use as an overlay system to create a unique themed area.

Richco Imprinted Concrete is available in a variety of designs and colours to provide a unique or rustic look to individual areas.

Imprinted Concrete Imprinted Concrete
Features: Ideal Usage:
• Decorative / Aesthetically pleasing • Themed areas
• Hardwearing & Durable • Driveways
• Low Maintenance • Pathways
• Available in a Large Range of Patterns • Landscaped Areas
• Available in a Large Range of Colours • Courtyards
  • Pool Surrounds