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Artificial Rocks...

Richco Artificial Rocks are a synthetic product moulded or sculpted from fibre-reinforced concrete, polymer-modified concrete, or other materials to create a durable and realistic landscaping rock. Richco Artificial Rocks are moulded, textured and coloured to exactly replicate the look and feel of real rock formations.

Richco Artificial Rocks are ideal for the use in any landscaping areas, including water features, animal habitats and themed areas.

Richco Artificial Rocks can be sculpted onsite to any shape, size or rock type and provide a cost effective way of enhancing landscaping areas without the daunting and expensive task of transporting heavy natural boulders to site. This system is also ideal for dressing existing structures or buildings.

Artificial Rocks Artificial Rocks
Features: Ideal Usage:
• Design Flexibility • Themed areas
• Ease & Speed of Installation • Animal Habitats
• Ability to Conceal Unsightly Objects • Golf Courses
• Durability • Retaining Walls & Fences
• Decorative / Aesthetically pleasing • Terraces
  • Pool Surrounds