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Bonded Stone...

Richco Bonded Stone is a resin bound stone system, which is ideal for the use on driveways, walkways and cycle paths etc. This system provides a decorative, hardwearing, low maintenance surface using a wide range of natural or coloured aggregates which is trowel applied onto the surface.

Richco Bonded Stone is ideally applied onto a tarmac or concrete sub-base to form a durable, hardwearing decorative surface.

Richco Bonded Stone uses a clear UV stable resin binder, which is mixed in a forced action mixer with the desired blend of aggregates. The system is then applied by trowel to the prepared surface to a minimum depth of 12mm.

Richco Bonded Stone is ideal for combining different edging stones or granite blocks into the system to give a decorative, aesthetically pleasing finish.

Download Bonded Stone Data Sheet Here.

Download Bonded Stone Colour Range Here.

Bonded Stone Bonded Stone
Features: Ideal Usage:
• Decorative / Aesthetically pleasing • Pathways
• Hardwearing & Durable • Landscaped Areas
• Pedestrian / Light Vehicular Use • Indoor / Outdoor Areas
• Low Maintenance • Pond Surrounds
• Anti-Slip • Botanical Garden Areas
• Range of Aggregates • Swimming Pool Areas
  • Themed Areas