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Epoxy Anti Slip Floor Coating...

Richco Fire Brigade System has been specifically designed and manufactured for the installation onto appliance bay floors at fire stations. The finished system provides a hardwearing finish that tolerates the weight of the appliances whilst achieving the maximum anti-slip properties.

Appliances have a tendency of leaking and leaving ponding water on the appliance bay floor potentially creating a slip hazard to fire fighters. Richco’s Fire Brigade system provides excellent anti-slip properties therefore ensuring there is a safe route of passage for the fire fighters. Our completed systems have a high slip resistant reading even in wet conditions.

Richco offer site surveys and provide a full report on the floor condition, recommendations and specification. We also offer pendulum slip testing and core sampling to ascertain the condition of the existing floor and its characteristics if its history is unknown.

Richco offer up to a ten year guarantee on our applied Richco Fire Brigade System which includes materials and application. This system is proven to work and has been installed at a number of fire stations on behalf of London Fire Brigade.

Epoxy Anti Slip Floor Coating Epoxy Anti Slip Floor Coating
Features Include:
• Three grades of Anti-Slip
• Tolerates weight of the appliances
• Up to a 10 Year Guarantee
• Phasing of works
• Extremely hardwearing and Durable
• Free site survey